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our range of in salon and online product packs we have available.
perfect for those bargain hunters…


evo EYE SPY PACKS (buy x 2 get 2 free) $68 

I spy you, with your freshly washed locks, in all you glory. Be the gloating goat… until its day 3 and you have hair like a rolled petrol tanker and less time on your hands than elvis… then take me home… ive got your back!


bride of gluttony shampoo + conditioner 300ml
mini water killer dry shampoo in brunette or original 100ml
haze styling powder 50ml


therapist shampoo + conditioner 300ml
mini water killer dry shampoo in original or brunette 100ml
haze styling powder 50ml
tan leather travel / make up bag

ritual salvation shampoo + conditioner 300ml
mini water killer dry shampoo in original or brunette 100ml
haze styling powder 50 ml
tan leather travel / make up bag




Keep your hair hydrated and healthy and wonderfully scented with the Balmain Care Sets. Surprise someone special with a beautiful and complete hair treatment, the perfect way to shine.


the ultimate gift for luxurious and voluminous hair.
volume shampoo + conditioner 300ml
leave-in conditioner spray 200ml 

the miracle for dry, damaged and over processed hair .
revitalizing shampoo + conditioner 300ml
leave-in conditioner spray 200ml




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Dry Shampoo is your best friend when it comes to everyday wear and styling of your hair. If you don’t already have it in your cupboard you should. It can be used for all types of hair, and especially for those busy ladies to help maintain a style when you simply don’t have time to wash the mane.

We have a couple of diffrent ranges in the studio that all vary in their own way. In other words we have you covered in making your life easier when desciding which one is suitable and best for you!



The Mr. Smith Dry Shampoo is perfect for those super sensitive babes. It is PETA certified vegan, sulfate, paraben and silicone free which means for those gluten intolerant or unfortunate gals who suffer from serious itchy scalp, this is the product for you! It removes impurities, odour and oil built up from the hair and scalp. Which means longer lasting styles between washes.

Retails at $37.00


This versatile 2 in 1 product acts as a dry shampoo for your greasy / oily roots and as a styling spray, making your hair feel and smell fresh again. The evo Water Killer helps prevent damage for those fine textured babes through vigorous hair washing. It saves time, saves water and can be used anywhere at anytime. We recommend the water killer for the lighter babes with finer texture.

Retails at $35.95


We saved the best for last, and yes have found one for the darker haired beauties. The Moroccan Oil Shampooing Sec in Dark Tone leaves your hair soft and silky after a good spray. The ultra-fine rice starch absorbs oil, build up and odour leaving the hair refreshed and volumised. It’s UV-protecting argan oil-infused formula breaks down instantly, leaving no dull residue. Its a great styling tool for that added volume and texture when the mane needs that extra bounce and a longer lasting result.

 It’s reason why it’s our main stylist, Nicole Arcorace’s favourite (even on her lighter locks)

Retails at $39.95


All Dry Shampoos work the same, so don’t stress that you have to follow the exact instructions on the bottle…

Make sur you shake well before use. Spray arm distance away from the roots of dry hair. Let the product slightly dry and gently massage and work the product through like you would with actual shampoo. Or blow a bit of cool air of a drier for the same effect.

For a style usage… spray the products arm distance away and work through with your hands or with a cool setting on your drier. Then brush out and use your magic hands to mold your do.


Olaplexing… its a thing!

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Lets talk about Olaplex for a minute…

This Revolutionary product has been tested time and time again on all types of hair, and there is no proof of negative impact that it has. Its simply magic in a bottle for your hair, and insurance for all Hair Stylist when chemically treating your clients hair.

” I can honestly say that Olaplex is a must have weapon in my arsenal. Whenever I question the integrity of my client’s hair, I turn to Olaplex” – Guy Tang

Olaplex is a 3-Step process that can be split up professionally between services or complete in a whole package for your client. The Professional and Take home products repair, re-bond and add strength to all dry, brittle hair types (especially those blondes).


Olaplex No.3 the take home Hair Perfector is what will change your life in terms of maintaining healthy, shine. strong hair. Its simple, safe and non-toxic.

  1. The standard use (as seen on the bottle) – apply a generous amount from roots to ends on unwashed towel  died hair. Comb through once. Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes or more. For damaged hair, repeat without rinsing.
  2. Rinse from hair, shampoo and condition.

Its so easy to use that there is no way that you can go wrong with the stuff. Olaplexing its actually a thing, why not kill two birds with one stone, so we have come up with 15 ways you can use Olaplex in your day to day routine.


  1. Exercise – pre-work out application. Whether your finding 30 or having a 90 minutes yoga session, you can Olaplex while you flex.
  2. Cleaning Duties – getting down and dirty can be a choir, but when you are Olaplexing cleaning ain’t so bad.
  3. Cooking – meal preps and setting the table are not the most exciting thing to do. However knowing you are giving your hair the fuel it needs can be a treat too.
  4. Grocery Shopping – that quick duck to the store, or extended shopping spree can be ideal for splurging your hair in Olaplex.
  5. Tanning – oiled up in the sun, why not Olaplaex for some extra fun.
  6. Spray Tanning – pre-tann scrub is essential. Olaplexing can be too whilst your turning bronzed and beautiful.
  7. Last Day Wear – yes your hair has become unbearable and needs a scrub and wash. Try to get that extra wear…Olaplex, Comb, Braid and at the end of day, finally wash your hair.
  8. Appointments – Doctors, Dentist, Beauty or whatever… if it takes longer then 20 minutes, Olaplexing is your answer.
  9. You Time – when you are home alone and you can finally crank out the face masks. Olaplex while you soak, lather and wait.
  10. Mediating –  Olaplexing and Meditating. Two of your new favorite things.
  11. Study Break – Knowing that Olapex is working its magic on your mane, actually motivates you to study for hours.
  12. Holidays – On a break? Overseas or overstate, Olaplex is small enough to fit in your hand luggage.
  13. Working – You may have that job that requires your hair to be up. Olaplexing is perfect! Tie it up pre wash.
  14. Beaching – Olaplex is a great way to protect your hair form the sun and salt if you are surfing those waves.
  15. Pre salon visit – Appointment booked in to the salon for a wash , cut , blow-dry? This is the ideal opportunity to Olaplex prior to your appointment.
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Camera Ready

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For years now we have styled many on camera Journalist, and Instagram Bloggers.
We many only name a few, the rest are secretly confidential… shhhhh!!

But we can let you know a few tips, and tricks of the trade to make sure your hair is camera ready. If its for a quick snap, photoshoot, or behind the lens of recorded live TV, your hair needs to be the best it can ever be.

Evo_hair_giveaway_stonemuse_2  _coming_soon__olaplex_hair_perfector_no3_1439106638_9012526f



  1. Daily Moisturise – Just like your skin (face and body), your hair needs moisture too. Whether its just been freshly washed or a few days old, your hair has to be re-hydrated daily to help prevent it becoming unmanageable form dryness, tangles and breakage.
    Using small amounts of  leave-in moisture products such as Affinage 24/7 heaven cuticle sealer or Evo smoothing end sealant on your mid-length and ends will maintain healthy hair.
  2. Bristle Brushes – Must have brushes for your hair. The natural fibres smooth and de-frizz your hair with each stroke. The soft boar bristles in the brush are also perfect for the tangles in your hair, gently but efficiently removing knots without ripping and breaking your mane.  Evo have a wide range of boar round styling brushes and the Conrad, perfect to keep in your handbag for daily use.
  3. Not just for dirty girls – So its been a couple of days between washes and you need that quick fix of THAT oily root situation, Water Killer – dry shampoo in evo is ideal! However, its not just for dirty hair… It adds in styling for the extra volume, texture and bounce. Creating that Victoria Secret Editorial finish minus the glitter catwalk.
    ** arcorace hair tip – shake the can well before use, and spray arm distance away to reduce that chalky residue**
  4. Lusciousness – Suffering from bad fine hair genes sucks! Or hair that will never get past that certain length… arghhhh.
    Hair Extensions is the best solution. Its not all about having super long Rapunzel or Kim Kardashian hair. Less is more… you can create a fuller, more natural look with Hair Extension with a weave row, or half a pack of tapes.
  5. Regular Visits – Number one priority is to keep up with your regular appointments. We recommend …- Every 5-6 weeks for basic Colour Touch Ups
    – Every 6-8 weeks for Highlights
    – Every 8 weeks for Cuts
    – Every 6 weeks for Extensions Maintenance
    – Every 2-3 weeks for Refresh Toners and Treatments

    This way you will guarantee your hair looking and feeling fresh and camera ready. These regular appointments are not just for you to make sure you are looking fabulous 24/7, it also helps your stylist keep on top of your in-between appointments and home maintenance. Its our job as your stylist to give you the best advice, recommendations and tips for when you are in front of the camera with confidence your hair is on point!


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