The traditional Balayage and ‘colour swept’ look is out, the hottest new colour trend of Dimensional Balayage is in! This look gives you a fresher and brighter mane with more colour variation than the ombre colour we are so used to seeing.
The combination of highlights and low lights with harmonious warmer tones, and application techniques of root melts /root fades, contouring and zone toning, is perfected with personalised colour formulations to create this dimensional balayage.

This colour trend is quite technical in application and very detailed in client-to-colourist consultation. The colour formula selection is one of main elements in creating that dimensional mane masterpiece. Choosing the right level and reflect / tones to must be done thoroughly and correctly to complement your skin, natural base, and enhance your facial features. Think of it as like contouring your hair so you see much more depth, variation from light to dark which in turn gives you more defined contrast in your balayage in the most seemlessly natural way possible.

Depending on the hair canvas (current hair colour situation) the colourist has to work with, and what processes the mane must go through, you will find that this colour service is a longer appointment from start to finish, but the results are just perfection.

Below is some colour inspiration and some dimensional balayage we have created in the studio.
For more information, or to make a booking please email [email protected].
We always recommend a colour consultation before booking this colour service.