Dry Shampoo is your best friend when it comes to everyday wear and styling of your hair. If you don’t already have it in your cupboard you should. It can be used for all types of hair, and especially for those busy ladies to help maintain a style when you simply don’t have time to wash the mane.

We have a couple of diffrent ranges in the studio that all vary in their own way. In other words we have you covered in making your life easier when desciding which one is suitable and best for you!



The Mr. Smith Dry Shampoo is perfect for those super sensitive babes. It is PETA certified vegan, sulfate, paraben and silicone free which means for those gluten intolerant or unfortunate gals who suffer from serious itchy scalp, this is the product for you! It removes impurities, odour and oil built up from the hair and scalp. Which means longer lasting styles between washes.

Retails at $37.00


This versatile 2 in 1 product acts as a dry shampoo for your greasy / oily roots and as a styling spray, making your hair feel and smell fresh again. The evo Water Killer helps prevent damage for those fine textured babes through vigorous hair washing. It saves time, saves water and can be used anywhere at anytime. We recommend the water killer for the lighter babes with finer texture.

Retails at $35.95


We saved the best for last, and yes have found one for the darker haired beauties. The Moroccan Oil Shampooing Sec in Dark Tone leaves your hair soft and silky after a good spray. The ultra-fine rice starch absorbs oil, build up and odour leaving the hair refreshed and volumised. It’s UV-protecting argan oil-infused formula breaks down instantly, leaving no dull residue. Its a great styling tool for that added volume and texture when the mane needs that extra bounce and a longer lasting result.

 It’s reason why it’s our main stylist, Nicole Arcorace’s favourite (even on her lighter locks)

Retails at $39.95


All Dry Shampoos work the same, so don’t stress that you have to follow the exact instructions on the bottle…

Make sur you shake well before use. Spray arm distance away from the roots of dry hair. Let the product slightly dry and gently massage and work the product through like you would with actual shampoo. Or blow a bit of cool air of a drier for the same effect.

For a style usage… spray the products arm distance away and work through with your hands or with a cool setting on your drier. Then brush out and use your magic hands to mold your do.