Introducing a new brand of Hair Extensions to the studio. The name says it all… the hair is just amazing. With a variety of options of different systems, the choices are endless with extending your mane.

Permanent or Temporary WEFTS and CLIP INS are made from the highest quality 100% human remy hair. They are suitable for various application techniques they can be sewn into the hair, used for hair up styling or made into clip-in hairpieces. The hair can be treated just like your own and can be washed, cut, blow-dried and styled, and even curled and straightened the same way.



Amazing Hair Australia Tape Extensions and Micro Flower Tapes are the most advanced materials on the  market with the ability to secure the extensions to the clients natural hair with a super fine and gentle tape application.
When applied correctly the extensions are totally undetectable and are extremely natural looking, especially on the sides where they are most noticeable when pulling your hair back. 

Made from a unique blend of European and Mongolian 100% REMY
human hair, Amazing Hair Tape Extensions are superior quality and are consistently silky and smooth. 

The standard tapes are suitable for straight or wavy hair, and also curly hair if the client is happy to straighten her curls. With the micro tapes for fine hair, the super thin extension is designed with a flowered edge so as to reduce tension on the wearers’ hair and provide length and fullness in the most gentle manner possible.

The lifespan of the extensions is 1 year (with re-application every 5 -6 weeks) with correct application and proper care. 

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