Its a very common question and frequently asked by clients (new and existing) and we are here to help!
Below are tips and recommendation to consider when booking with us.

Pricing Information and Quoting

We charge by the grams with colour in the salon based on how thick and long your hair is. 
This makes it fair on hair that is more finer in density that wont be charged the same as someone whom is having the same service but has long thick hair.
If you are unsure, please leave a note online or let your stylist know how long or think your hair is, as this will determine timing and pricing for the appointment.

We have a teird price structure in the salon based on the level of the hair stylist. These come under Emerging, Senior, Executive Senior and Director. We have 4 available Seniors in the salon that you can book in with who all have more than 5 years experience.

We do not quote the exact amount over email / sms and dms on social media. There are so many factors on pricing that need to be taken into consideration. For this reason we always over quote when asked on these forums.

Deposits must be paid when booking an appointment with us. Please see our in salon deposit policy in the link attached.

What Service Do I Book??

Blonde or Brunette?
This makes a massive difference when booking an appointment.

Brunettes (or Balayaged) clients are majority of the time wanting to refresh your base colour or greys.
A Basic Root Colour is a standard 4-5 week regrowth service. 
Depending on your coverage you can extend this appointment out to 6-8 weeks.
Keep in mind we charge by the grams so your base colour will be 55g+ when your regrowth is longer.
Gloss toners are usually required with colour services and are an additional charge if your mid length and end colour is faded or needing neutralising.

Balayage clients for touching up roots (covering greys or natural) and bringing up the lightness book a Base and Partial Foils.
If you are keeping your base natural and just want to bring up the lightness book in a Balayage. These two services both need toner / glosses included in your service.

Blondes… or any lightening services that required foiling, painting, or any balayage technique is set at a higher price than a base colour.
Why you ask..?
The service alone takes alot longer (up to an hour) and we include all your bonding / olaplex treatments in these lightening services.
Having your “roots touched up” with foils to make it lighter is a totally different service than a Basic Root Colour.
All lightening services majority of the time require a toner. Without a toner the colour can be left raw and yellow looking.

The difference between a Root toner and Gloss toner, is that the Root Toner helps blend the foil work into your natural colour. Making the colour seemless and not” streaking looking”.  Some clients require a Root Melt which gives the colour a more “Lived-In” and Balayage effect. 
A Gloss toner is designed to be applied to the mid lengths and ends for a refreshed tone, or glaze for a shiny silky sealed in colour.

If you require additional services like a Cut and Blow-dry or Styling finish please scroll down and select which best suits what you need. 
Dry offs are available in the salon, however if you require a Cut we cannot offer the Dry off Service as a completed Cut and Blow-dry is required to check over and complete any Cutting required when its Blow-dried properly.

Dry Styling, such a Waves or Up-styles are available to book as a service separately or on top of your existing booking. However please keep in mind this does not include a wash and blow-dry.
If you require a Wash and Blow-dry Styling appointment please leave a note for the stylist that you want it waved after (this is usually not charged).
Any extra styling such as Up-Styling, Ponytails and Special Event Styling will be charged on top of you wash and blow-dry appointment if you require these services.


  • Select your Foil type – Half Head or Full Head or Balayage
  • Always add a Toner / Gloss
  • Select your Finish – Blowdry or Cut and Blwodry
  • We will contact you to confirm the finer details bits to confirm the booking 


  • Select your a Base Colour (if you are covering greys or natural)
  • Select a Gloss afterwards (this can always be removed on the day)
  • Select your Finish – Blow-dry or Cut and Blow-dry
  • We will contact you to confirm the finer details bits to confirm the booking 

Still Unsure What to Book or What I Need?

This booking takes about 30-45 minutes with a Senior Artist and they can guide you on what to you after, what to book in for and can help find the next available booking for you on the spot. 

These consultations can be booked online at any time during business hours.

Special Events. Hair and Make up and Bridal…

We have freelance Make up Artists that work at Arcorace upon request. These artists require at least 3-4 weeks notice before booking. They charge $135 per face which includes lashes.
Hair and Make Up can be booked up through Arcorace on Fridays and Saturdays and selected days during the week depending on date availability with our freelance MUA .

We do not take any request bookings on Sundays.

Bridal bookings must be made via email only and are only secured after a Hair Trial Appointment is completed. Our main Bridal Stylist and Director Nicole is on maternity leave from January to mid year 2022 so we will not be taking any Bridal bookings in that time period.

How and Where Do I make a Booking…?

We have a ready available 24/hour booking service online.
This can be accesses through the website, facebook and google.



We use this platform to market and showcase Arcorace Hair and Beauty as a brand. This platform and any social media platform is not monitored regularly for messages and appointment requests, please use our other forms of contact when making appointments.



Our salon landline is available during business opening hours.

Ph : (08) 61612241


Our email is located on all our social and online platforms. We usually respond to this form of contact within 1-2 business days.

[email protected]


Is a page that is directly connected to our Instagram Account, and is used for showcasing our brand, work, information and updates for Arcorace Hair and Beauty. Unfortunately the same with Instagram messages, we do not regulary monitor these for appointments. However you can find our Booking System link in the bio. 



Cant get through to our landline? We have an in-salon mobile available during business hours to Call or Text for any Appointment Enquires.

Mb : 0439 934 377