Permanent & Temporary
Hair Extensions

Dream Hair is made easy when the options of multiple hair extension systems are ready available.

Whether its adding extra volume, or that instant long lush hair, there is endless possibilities on how we can create the most natural looking hair extensions that are suitable to what you need.

Years of Experience

Owner Nicole Arcorace is renowned in Perth for her intensive knowledge and experience with all extension hair and hair extension systems. With more than 10 years of in-salon involvement, Nicole is your foremost go to specialist for any type of hair extensions.

With the salon stocking the most revolutionary advanced and versatile methods of Hair Extensions. Her exposure to numerous different types of systems has perfected her skills as a Hair Extension Specialist in Perth and across Australia. With her expertise she has made it her number one priority to provide all extension clientele with the correct extension service and to create their unique and personalised style with the extra hair.


Here at Arcorace Hair and Beauty, we have a variety of methods to choose from. We pride ourselves in customising our methods individually and complimentary to give you the most natural, cost effective and long term investment benefits for your future hair.

The systems available are Micro Beads (non-glue) , Tapes, Wefts, Clip- In, Halos and Hiring Options for special events.


Stuck on where to start, or what system will work best for you?

At the salon we offer a free of charge extensions consultation appointment for all clients who are curious and thinking of investing in that extra hair.

This 30 – 45 minutes appointment is vital and necessary for any client considering any form of extensions, and will help answer all questions and gather as much information as possible before making the final decision.

Quoting for any hair extensions service can only be done in the studio with the stylist. The factors that influence what you want to achieve with any hair extension system is discussed and this is where your stylist will suggest a few options and prices.

Ordering of any hair extensions does not commence until during the initial in salon consultation appointment, the agreement form is completed and after the non-refundable deposit is paid.


Please always ask your stylist on a ETA. If the hair is not already in stock, any hair ordered may take up to 2 – 3 business days for local suppliers, if not 6 weeks to arrive depending on the hair extensions hair and system you choose.



Amore Hair is one of the much more gentle re-useable patented systems to use on your hair, where a link of your new Amore Hair is attached to a lock of your hair. 
There is no glue and no damage to existing hair.

This is one of the most expensive and natural systems, using Premium / European and Remy Human Hair, these hair extensions are virtually undetectable, and each strand can last as long as 12-18 months without replacing.
The system ranges in length of 18 inches and custom lengths of 26 inches, and a wide colours to choose from, Amore Hair Extensions makes your choice in that extra fullness limitless.

Finer heads of hair generally require around 75-100 Amore Hair Extensions. 
Average density heads require approximately 100-150 and heavier density hair 150 or more. Each extension takes under one minute to attach.

This system is designed for the most fine and fragile hair types too. With there Demi range being half the size of the standard Amore Hair, giving you confidence that no damage will occur during your extension experience. We recommend maximum 75 extension links for our clients with this hair type.


What’s the difference in Standard and Mirco Tapes?

Simply the Micro is about a half to a third smaller than your Standard tape.This is our go-to when clients have finer hair types that constantly tie there hair back who still want a seamless invisible blend. Its the most natural, easy care and less damage out of the tapes.

Made from a unique blend of European and Mongolian 100% REMY human hair, the tape hair extensions we use in the salon are superior quality and are consistently silky and smooth.
The standard tapes are double drawn so its thick from roots to tip but the last inch is slightly tapered so they blend well in layers. It is suitable for straight or wavy hair, and also curly hair if the client is happy to straighten her curls.

There is a wide range of block colour and ombre / balayge colours to chose from, which makes it a breeze when colour matching to your existing hair and desired look.

Each pack consist of 20 pieces which sandwich together to make 10 pieces – this is considered a standard half pack.

The tape tabs are specifically designed to be super flat and not shiny, which helps disguise the extensions in your hair. The tabs are also strong to withstand the tape removal and re-taping process to unsure multiple (up to 9) adjustments. With the strong blue backed tape there is no slipping or falling out leaving sticky residue.


Weaves / Wefts are by far the most effective, natural and less damaging hair extension systems on the market if installed correctly.

Here at Arcorace Hair and Beauty, we only attach our wefts in the most safest and less damaging installation methods of flat track, and soon to be invisible flat track. We do not braid or cornrow our wefts during the sewing process of instantiation.

Our wefts are locally supplied in Perth and they are reinforced, machine made double wefts, meaning they are strong and don’t shed. Each weft is Remy cuticle intact European hair is up to 22 inches long and 110grams in weight.

We highly recommend this method of extension when you are after instant length and thickness. Its the most cost effective system with at home low maintenance and less hours spent in the salon during your push up appointments.



Halo extensions are one of the newest methods of adding length and volume to your hair. Simply cover your natural hair with the extensions and secure them to your head with a band — no clips, tape, glue, weaves, or beads are necessary.
This is the only type of hair extension that doesn’t physically attach to your hair; instead, it sits over the top. This means zero damage and the fastest possible application. In fact, it takes just 30 seconds to achieve the perfect fit.


The customised clip-in hair extensions we have on offer are in the salon is one 75cm laced back, large section of hair that comes with 10 clips pre-sewn.
Simply measure to your head and cut the desired sized pieces.

The other is a per 3 clip piece (15 cms wide) for the perfect customisation on what your desire to be used temporary in your hair.
Because no two heads are the same! They are a perfect temporary extension method. It can be simply applied and removed for any special occassion or every day wear.


Here at Arcorace Hair and Beauty we exclusively offer a Rental Service for those one-time, one-use clients. This service is perfect for anyPerth Bride who is wanting that perfect style for their special day, without having to break the budget with the expense of purchasing a new set.
The rental service can be used for any occasion and with any client who is wanting that extra length or volume to create that perfect style with the extra hair.

Unfortunately this is an in-salon Perth based service only and is completed after an in-salon consultation (including colour matching, terms and conditions and despoits paid)

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