We get asked a lot during our consultations with clients in the studio on how to keep the health in your hair maintained. Lets be honest, hair is the first thing we notice in girls (and guys too) so why wouldn’t we want to keep our manes in the best condition it could be in? Below we have listed easy solutions + tips for maintaining optimum #HairHealth and lush lock all year round.

First things first… Whats in bathroom cupboard?

We can not stress to our clients enough about the importance of home maintenance hair care. Why would you want to jeopardise all the hard work your hair stylist has put into your hair with their professional colour + cut + styling services + products, only to reverse the lushness we created  when you go home and use cheap and nasty products between appointments??? It blows our minds when we consult our clients on the very naughty things they have in their cupboards and use on their hair at home. NOW could not be a better time to clean out the old and bring in the new and useful must haves for your hair.

  1. OLAPLEX – No. 3 take home is not like any other treatment you have used before. Instead of coating the hair and giving the hair that cosmetic soft feeling straight away, it works on the inner core. Strengthening and preventing breakage. Which in time, when used frequently adds an abundance of shine, locks in colour more and is an insurance on your hair between colour services (especially the blonde babes). Olaplex No. 1 + 2 are available as professional services in the salon and the Olaplex No. 3 is available in salon and online to purchase.
  2. CLEANSE  – The must have shampoos ideal for keeping your scalp healthy and most importantly… clean. A cleansing shampoo is perfect for removing all unwanted buildup of products, make up + toxins around your hair line, hair and scalp. This is our go-to for all clients as our first (or sometimes second) wash.
    Stimulating + Balancing Shampoo in Mr.Smith (available in salon only), and Normal Persons Shampoo in evo are available in salon and online.
  3. HYDRATION – Like your skin, we all hydrate daily with lotions. Why not our hair? Daily hydration for our manes is a must! Whether its a light weight spritz or leave-in cream lotion. Our mid-lengths and ends crave the moisture. Depending on your hair texture we always recommend a lighter hydration product. Our in salon go to’s are Leave-In in Mr.Smith, Leave-In Conditioner in Balmain and Day of Grace in evo.
  4.  PROTECTION – Protection from both UVA and UVB is essential for our skin and hair too from both the heat we put on our hair when styling and  from the sun. Thermal protection sprays are a must for everyday use to keep our hair health in check. Use this as well as a moisture based product and your hair will thank you for it! We stock the Icon Welder in evo, Serum in Mr. Smith and Balmain has the Thermal Protection Spray and Sun Protection Spray (which is ideal for chlorine effected hair).
  5. MASKS – 5-10 minutes once or twice a fort-night is all it takes to getting your hair the healthiest its ever been. Deep nourishing and repairing masks are perfect for any hair types, leaving your hair soft, silky and easy to dry.
    Our favorites in the studio are MASQUE in Mr.Smith (we also mix together BLONDE for toning too), Revitalizing, and Repair in Balmain.




6. DITCH THE HAIR TIES – Scrunchies for the win! The velvet especially. They are soft and gently, leaving little to no damage on your hair when you are removing. Great to use at bed time when you dont want to create kinks when your hair is freshly styled.
7. DROP THE TEMP – Your hair tools do not have to be super hot. Dropping the temperature on your thermal equipment especially to a comfortable 150- 175 (even lower if your hair is fragile) will save your hairs integrity and prevent snapping. The reason why we only use Cloudnine tools in the studio. Temperature adjustment and control over your styling, knowing we have confidence in our tools and our hair health!
8. DE TANGLE – Brushing your hair twice a day (if not more) should be the same as brushing your teeth. Its a necessity in beauty + hygiene routines. Brushing your hair doesnt just keep your hair tidy and tangle free. But also stimulates the hair follicles, and nerve endings which promotes hair growth.


9. TRIM THOSE ENDS – We recommend regular cut & blowdrys to  all heads of hair every 6-8 weeks. This removes all the dead ends that are either split or untidy. If you are growing your hair length and come in for regular colour appointments, we suggest having a cut every 2nd colour visit. That way you can achieve and maintain healthy hair whilst growing the mane!
10. LUXE TREATMENTS – Having a professional salon treatment is always more intense and richer than doing it at home. We have a lot of in salon Luxe Treatment Services that you can combine with any hair appointment to achieve maximum health, shine and softness to your existing mane. Ask your stylist about this on your next visit. It could be as quick as 5 minutes or for a more relaxing thorough treatment 45 – 60 minutes