Hair Extensions are an accessory and not a part of your natural hair, therefore you need to take special care off them. Which means extra time out of your day for the extra length and thickness you have added to ensure they stay looking healthy and intact.
Please read our care instructions so you can get the most out of your new and existing hair extensions!


~ Brush your extensions free of knots daily, and a must before washing. Make sure you hold the base of your extension to avoid heavy pulling and tension.
~ Make sure Tapes and Tip / Beaded Extensions are free of knots and matting where your hair and the extensions meet at all times. Run your fingers through gently and pull apart any peices that may be stuck together.
~ As your extensions are not attached to your scalp they are not nourished by the natural sebum/oils that nourish your own hair, so you will find that they can dry out especially with heat styling.
~ They need to be hydrated and we recommend 1-2 pumps of a moisturising serum / oil at least once a day (morning routine)
~ We recommend investing in a silk / velvet scrunchy to tie your hair away in a braid or loose pony whilst sleeping to avoid tangles and messy bed hair. To maintain a wavy style, sleep with a loose scrunchie and the very top of your head whilst in bed.


~ All Shampoo, Conditioners, styling and leave in products must not have any trace of protein. Check the Ingredients DO NOT USE ON YOUR EXTENSIONS if it states any form of protein, keratin, wheat, or silk amino acids.
~ For Tapes we recommend not too use Sulfates and Phosphates in your home care as they wear away the glue of the tape tabs and cause them to slide and fall out.
~ Use protein-free heat protectors before heat styling and drop your temperature down to prevent drying out and shortening your extension lifespan.


~ DO NOT wash your hair 48 hours after installation, this includes any maintenance and replacement of your hair extensions. 
~ We recommend washing your extensions 1-3 times a week.    
~ Everyday washing and heat styling can strip the moisture and oils out of the hair and overtime shorten the lifespan of your extensions.
~ If your own hair is oily and needs more regular washing then we recommend washing the top section, crown, and sides forward in a basin.   
~ The use of dry shampoo is another option (make sure its free of proteins) 
~ DO NOT SLEEP WITH WET HAIR EXTENSIONS We recommend drying of your scalp and the top of the extensions to maintain scalp health  
~ Hydration ONLY masks for extra nourishment 1-2 every fortnight.    
~ If your extensions are prone to tangling whilst washing, add conditioner or hydrating mask / oil to the mid-lengths and ends prior to shampooing.
~ OLAPLEX is okay to use on extensions.
~ Try to avoid using conditioner at the roots of your hair and hair extension. Mid lengths and ends only!


~ If you are swimming with your extensions, we recommend wetting with your hair tap water first.
~ You must prevent the hair from tangling in water, so tie a low pony and plait your hair in a braid and tie off at the ends. 
~ Once you are out of chlorine and / or saltwater RINSE IMMEDIATELY with tap water and apply conditioner to hydrate and oil / serums as soon as your hair in dry.
~ Try using Swimming Caps and Pre-Conditioning your hair if you are regularly in the pool.


~ Extensions should last a minimum of 6 months if maintained and correct hair care products are used.
~ Lighter colours have been pre treated (bleached) and colour processed so understandably will not last as long, with correct care and product use many are re-used for 12-18 months.
~ Darker colours have lasted as long as 24 months.
~ They are a human hair product so no 2 sets can be compared as there is the human element.
~ Environmental factor such as regular time spent in the sea, sun, icy weather, as well as Mechanical factors such as heat styling will fade off any colour naturally overtime. We recommend talking to your stylist about toning the extensions every few visits for regular upkeep of colour.
~ We recommend you extensions are adjusted every 6-8 weeks, any longer we cannot guarantee the condition and quality of your hair and the extension hair attached.
~ 6 weeks is ideally recommended for maintenance appointments as well as a half way wash and blow-dry appointment to the salon to ensure you and your stylist are happy with the your hair and your extensions.

We have an open-door policy, if there is any problems with your extensions please contact us straight away. DO NOT leave it longer than a week, this may result in the problem worsening overtime