Keratin Treatment Aftercare

The Aura Hyaluroplasty treatments guarantee extraordinary  results  backed by a team of internationally technicians who have applied all three services on al hair types. 
Based on experience, we would like to share some relevant tips and recommendations on how to properly take car of your new Aura treated hair.

The benefits of the Aura Treatment lies mostly in the instant ease of  manageability you receive post treatment. Hair is instantly smoother, de-frizzed, hydrated, soft, silky, and dry / damaged ends proven to be repaired and healthier.

This treatment is ideal to be done 2-3 times a year for helping reduce curls and frizz so your hair is easily managed all year round!

Below is some tips for homecare for a longer lasting Aura!

Dos and Donts

  • Use Soft Ties and Scrunchies for the first week, as hair is still in a fragile soft stage.
  • Drop temperature down when Heat Styling
  • Use only recommended products by your stylist
  • Use only Sulphate free Shampoos and Conditioners when washing your hair at home.
  • Always Blow-dry  Hair for the best results of your treatment.
  • Book your Colour appointment after your Aura treatment.
  • Keep an eye out of your grow  / fade out of Keratin Treatment, we always recommend to book in a Aura Beauty Booster Treatment after 8-10 weeks to get further prolong your Aura Treatment.
  • Get you Aura Treatment 2 weeks before an event / holiday (especially in humid climates) for easy maintenance hair with longer lasting styles.
  • Wash your hair for 2-3 days after your Aura Treatment
  • Tie your Hair Up tightly or bend with Clips for 2-3 days
  • Use any products in your hair including dry shampoo and leave in moisturisers for up to 3 days
  • Get your hair wet, including sweat, for 3 days
  • Dont go to the gym for a week, as you risk sweating, this will cause the Aura Treatment to not work as efficiently 
  • Swim in Chlorine or heavily salted pools (this incudes the ocean). The chemicals in the pool water and salt in the ocean breaks down your keratin, making it not last as long.
  • Overly Heat Style your hair.
  • Use any products with sulphates, and heavy proteins.