Camera Ready

For years now we have styled many on camera Journalist, and Instagram Bloggers.
We many only name a few, the rest are secretly confidential… shhhhh!!

But we can let you know a few tips, and tricks of the trade to make sure your hair is camera ready. If its for a quick snap, photoshoot, or behind the lens of recorded live TV, your hair needs to be the best it can ever be.

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  1. Daily Moisturise – Just like your skin (face and body), your hair needs moisture too. Whether its just been freshly washed or a few days old, your hair has to be re-hydrated daily to help prevent it becoming unmanageable form dryness, tangles and breakage.
    Using small amounts of  leave-in moisture products such as Affinage 24/7 heaven cuticle sealer or Evo smoothing end sealant on your mid-length and ends will maintain healthy hair.
  2. Bristle Brushes – Must have brushes for your hair. The natural fibres smooth and de-frizz your hair with each stroke. The soft boar bristles in the brush are also perfect for the tangles in your hair, gently but efficiently removing knots without ripping and breaking your mane.  Evo have a wide range of boar round styling brushes and the Conrad, perfect to keep in your handbag for daily use.
  3. Not just for dirty girls – So its been a couple of days between washes and you need that quick fix of THAT oily root situation, Water Killer – dry shampoo in evo is ideal! However, its not just for dirty hair… It adds in styling for the extra volume, texture and bounce. Creating that Victoria Secret Editorial finish minus the glitter catwalk.
    ** arcorace hair tip – shake the can well before use, and spray arm distance away to reduce that chalky residue**
  4. Lusciousness – Suffering from bad fine hair genes sucks! Or hair that will never get past that certain length… arghhhh.
    Hair Extensions is the best solution. Its not all about having super long Rapunzel or Kim Kardashian hair. Less is more… you can create a fuller, more natural look with Hair Extension with a weave row, or half a pack of tapes.
  5. Regular Visits – Number one priority is to keep up with your regular appointments. We recommend …- Every 5-6 weeks for basic Colour Touch Ups
    – Every 6-8 weeks for Highlights
    – Every 8 weeks for Cuts
    – Every 6 weeks for Extensions Maintenance
    – Every 2-3 weeks for Refresh Toners and Treatments

    This way you will guarantee your hair looking and feeling fresh and camera ready. These regular appointments are not just for you to make sure you are looking fabulous 24/7, it also helps your stylist keep on top of your in-between appointments and home maintenance. Its our job as your stylist to give you the best advice, recommendations and tips for when you are in front of the camera with confidence your hair is on point!


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