Colour Wow - Dream Cocktail Carb

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Colour Wow - Dream Cocktail Carb



MAKE YOUR THIN HAIR THICKER AND FULLER EVERY TIME YOU BLOW-DRYCarb-infused Dream Cocktail is a leave-in treatment that turns blow-drying from a hair stressing session into a hair-thickening treatment.

Vital, natural nutrients (like carb-intense oat bran) are activated by heat to fatten up and improve the overall quality of every strand.

Use every time you blow-dry to add major mass and volume to your hair.(Optional: you can apply Kale-infused Dream Cocktail first to strengthen hair by 50%)


Your hair may be naturally fine, or have lost mass because of color processing, particularly at the ends. (Did you know? Color processing breaks down the proteins in hair causing them to leach out. The result? Hair loses mass and becomes thinner, flatter…limp and lifeless.)


Carb-infused Dream Cocktail thickens and adds mass to hair by surrounding each strand with an invisible, weightless carb-based complex (cellulose, starch and oat bran) that is activated by the heat of your blow-dryer.


After shampooing/conditioning, towel dry hair lightly. Shake bottle well, then dispense 2-3 pumps into palm and smooth through hair, starting one inch below part and through to ends. DO NOT RINSE OUT! Style with heat to activate.

(Optional: Before applying Carb-infused Dream Cocktail you can add Kale-infused Dream Cocktail to strengthen hair by 50%)



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