Kevin Murphy Young Again Dry Conditioner

$ 48.95

A Rejuvenating and Hydrating Conditioner Spray. 250ml

A dry conditioning spray that revives dull hair by enhancing moisture between washes.
Newest to our REJUVENATE regimen, this silky spray adds weightless moisture and increases manageability making it perfect for all hair types.
Our signature rejuvenating ingredients Immortelle and Babassu Oil are added for their moisturising and hair softening benefits.
Immortelle also helps fight off oxidation and holds great rejuvenating abilities.
Panthenol (B5) gives humidity resisting protection and softness. Sunflower Seed Extract as a great antioxidant to help prevent drying of natural or colour-treated hair.
The beauty of this product is that it goes on easy and dries quickly for added manageability, softness, and a velvety finish.

YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER will breathe new life into your hair by extending the life of your style, no matter the length. Dry conditioner means you won’t have to wash your hair to get moisture back into it. Just spray and you’re all set!”

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