Lakme Teknia - Deep Care Drops 100ml

Hair is 35% more Resistant

Damaged hair needs special attention:
it breaks and it’s difficult to style. It’s
about split ends and hair with a matte
appearance that is lifeless or extremely
dry. It’s important to establish a care
routine to recover the hair’s internal
structure. Our basic recommendation
is to apply treatments that work from
the inside of the fiber, nourishing and
strengthening it to achieve healthy
and resilient hair.
The DEEP CARE range is designed to
deeply restore the internal structure
of hair damaged by excessive stress or
chemical products. It rebuilds, gives
strength and increases resistance
to breakage.
It is formulated from natural corn
seed extracts that strengthen internal
bonds and organic Abyssinian oil that
penetrates and naturally straightens the
hair fiber. For extraordinary shine and hair
that is hydrated .and nourished from
the inside.

  • Restoring serum that repairs and smooths split ends
  • Creates a protective barrier with an extra soft touch and exceptional shine
  • Organic Ethiopian Oil provides deep nutrition, increasing elasticity and shine
  • Delicate, floral fragrance notes of Geranium Essential Oil
  • Vegan formula free of parabens, mineral oils and colourants
  • Recommended for damaged hair

$ 37.95


TEKNIA Deep Care by Lakmé deeply restores the internal structure of hair damaged by excessive stress of chemical products. This range rebuilds and repairs by strengthening the hair; increasing its resistance to breakage. TEKNIA Deep Care Drops repair and smooth split ends by creating a fine, protective barrier. This vegan formula infuses Organic Oil from Ethiopia, aiding in deep, non-greasy nutrition. Rich in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, this oil increases elasticity and shine in the hair. Deep Care Drops are free of parabens, mineral oils and colourants, and nourishes hair with antioxidant properties. Achieve and extra soft finish and exceptional shine with this restorative solution.

How To Use

  1. Apply 1-3 drops on wet or dry hair.
  2. Comb through mid-lengths to ends.
  3. Leave in.

For extra boost in Deep Care and Restoring Damaged hair, use Deep Care Shampoo and Treatment in your weekly regime


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