Lakme Teknia - Perfect Cleanse 300ml

all hair types

PERFECT CLEANSE deeply cleanses the hair and scalp, protecting it from impurities, grease and minerals from hard water that can stick to the hair.

An infusion of Mediterranean Fruit Acids (lemon, grape and apple) work to detoxify and protect the hair from hard water while boosting its natural hydration.

  • Micellar shampoo that deeply and gently cleanses
  • Micellae capture residue and impurities, keeping the structure of the hair intact
  • Fusion of Mediterranean Fruits naturally protects, moisturises and softens hair and scalp
  • Anti-bacterial and detoxifying
  • Refreshing fragrance of Fennel Essential Oil
  • Vegan formula free of parabens, mineral oils and colourants

$ 37.95


Hair needs to be deeply cleansed due to build up of residue from regular use of styling products, impurities in the environment or excess grease generated by the scalp.

Micellar shampoo. Gently gives the hair and scalp a deep wash. Micelles capture residues and impurities without damaging the fiber. Detox action. Prevents lime from water getting trapped in the hair

How to Use

Apply to Wet Hair. Lather and Rinse. Repeat second wash if required.

For Extreme Build Up : Apply to Wet Hair. Lather and leave in the hair up to 10 minutes (apply heat to activate and draw out build up) then Rinse.


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