Urban Alchemy - Opus Magnium Salt Scrub Cleanse

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Urban Alchemy - Opus Magnium Salt Scrub Cleanse

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For a clean head at home, there is the OPUS MAGNUM salt scrub cleanse, also part of the URBAN ALCHEMY OPUS MAGNUM cleansing line. Applied on a weekly basis, the natural, salt-exfoliating shampoo frees the scalp from dead skin cells and excess sebum, which can otherwise lead to malnutrition of the hair roots. The salt scrub shampoo cleanses the hair in depth and effectively removes silicone, mineral and styling product build-up.

Since the salt dissolves in the hair after a short time, it leaves no residue. The scrub effect stimulates the blood circulation and promotes hair growth. It also relieves the itching after dyeing and removes chemical residue from the scalp.

Tip: Optimal results are achieved in combination with an OPUS MAGNUM signature cleanse treatment in the salon.

How to Use


Dampen Hair, add a small 5 cent piece to your hands and lather with warm water before applying directly to your scalp. Circular motions with claw-like finger tips begin to scrub globally around the surface of your scalp on your head for even distribution.

Lightly tilt head back (if you are in the shower) to re-dampen hair for extra lather. DO NOT ADD MORE PRODUCT.

Gently drag lather down to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair for an even all over cleanse.

Repeat this step twice, and follow with Urban Alchemy Soothing Hydration Conditioner.



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