Urban Alchemy is a professional brand which aims to simplify and enrich the lives of hairdressers through a range of products, focused on cleaning your canvas (hair) before you create your art (perform colour services or treatments).

The name Urban Alchemy describes the vivid cooperation between innovation and passion for hair trends on the one side, and the fundamental know-how of materials and effects from professional hair products on the other.

Signature Cleanse – Exclusive in-salon service

Specifically designed for the needs of any hairdresser, the signature in salon cleanse contains the perfect deep cleansing formula required to keep hair thoroughly clean. Signature cleanse is a deep-cleansing vitamin C-based gel treatment (with its pH-adjusted pH of 4.5 to 5 and its high vitamin C content), it effectively removes silicone or mineral residues from your hair that can leave hair appearing dull. It alternatively leaves the customer with beautiful, clean hair, and the hairdresser can begin to properly style it!

Silicone deposits in your hair are a result of daily usage of commercial shampoos and shower water that is too hard, and they prevent haircare treatments from working effectively. Metal deposits such as copper, iron, lime, calcium and magnesium, which arise from old water pipes dry out your hair and often change its colour, making your hair appear dull. But URBAN ALCHEMY’s OPUS MAGNUM signature cleanse effectively gets rid of this residue and any green tones caused by chlorine water. And that’s not all: thanks to its high vitamin C content, OPUS MAGNUM signature cleanse speeds up hair growth and simultaneously strengthens the hair structure.

All of our products, from cleansing solutions to dyeing bowls and paintbrushes for the salon, to shampoos and conditioners for customers at home – are designed immaculately to a very high standard.


The signature cleanse provides a deep-cleansing effect for better absorption of hair care products and treatments and is the ideal pre-colouring treatment allowing equal absorption of colour pigments. Thanks to its high vitamin C content, signature cleanse speeds up hair growth and simultaneously strengthens the hair structure.

Salt Scrub Cleanse and  Hydrating & Soothing Conditioner – Both products contain the extremely effective Sea-Spa-Complex, a combination of sea salt and algae for hydration and shine.

Salt Scrub Cleanse Shampoo
Salt is a natural cleansing agent that dissolves dead skin and excess sebum. The Salt Scrub Shampoo cleanse cleanses the hair and scalp, stimulating circulation and promoting hair growth. Applied on a weekly basis, the Salt Scrub Cleanse Shampoo gets rid of dead skin cells and excess sebum on your scalp and thoroughly cleanses your hair also alleviating any itching after colouring and removing chemical residues from scalp; returning moisture to the scalp.

The salt scrub cleanse provides the perfect foundation for preparing your hair at home for nourishing treatments such as leave in treatments, masks or Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector. It enables the hair to absorb the important substances extremely effectively.

Hydrating & Soothing Conditioner

After cleansing the hair, it is important to hydrate. The extremely nourishing Hydrating & Soothing Conditioner with vitamin B5 fantastically complements the Salt Scrub Cleanse Shampoo or can be used daily with any other shampoo, for shine, volume and super smooth hair.

Thermal Treatment Caps

From Korean hair gurus, these innovative treatment caps are effective and leave no mess! Why treatment caps? These thermal treatment caps intensify the effects of the hair mask through the addition of body heat.  This means that the scalp and hair can absorb the treatment even better! Available in two types, one for extremely dry hair and the other for damaged, stressed scalps. The treatment caps are an amazing addition to your retail range.

“The mask saves all the heat from the body. The warmth in your hair helps absorb the ingredients better. Then let it rest for 15 -20 minutes.  After the mask I use conditioner.” – Jenna Peltonen, colourist and Urban Alchemist.

  • Thermal Treatment Cap – Nourishing

For extremely dry hair, the shea butter and fermented soy bean extract nourish the hair and make it optimal for combing, leaving hair more manageable.

  • Thermal Treatment Cap – Regeneration 

Specially formulated for damaged hair and stressed scalps, the Regeneration cap contains proteins and vitamins A, B5 and E, contained in macadamia, black rice extract and panthenol to strengthen the hair structure.

Extracts of thymius vulgaris and summer lilac provide the hair and scalp with volumes of moisture.

We recommend to all our NEW CLIENTS to make an appointment for you your Urban Alchemy Signature Cleanse prior to your first time colour appointment. Click here for a complimentary consultation or booking.