THE BEAUTY FILES : Time to Chill

|  Aromatherapy  Full Body Massages – $115 each  | 

 Relax with a soothing Swedish Massage that consists of smooth gliding movements to help unwind and escape from daily stressed life, leaving feeling blissfully relaxed. Using a specific blend of organic essential oils from doTerra to promote a sense of well being and vitality throughout your treatment. Each massage treatment being a maximum of 60 minutes, and includes refreshments at the very end so you walk out feeling zen.

Balance – calm, focus and let your mind de-stress
Serenity – floating and relaxation at its best.
Invigorate – soothes muscle tissue whilst you relax and release tension
Detoxify –  uplifting whilst we cleanse the mind, body and soul.
Easy Air – anxiety release and a breath of fresh air.

|  1/2 Body Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage – $50 |
Want a quick fix? Relax with a 30 minutes back, neck, shoulder massage.

|  Head Massage – $35  |
The perfect additional service to add on any treatment of Hair & Beauty, or just by itself. A relaxing, distressing scalp, neck and temple massage with an infusion of mixed oils, allow 20 minutes.