The first biotechnological hair treatment formulated with organic ingredients that straightens and softens the hair fibre and eliminates frizz. It enhances natural shine and achieves optimal hair and beauty health.

Aura offers immediate benefits upon application, and has extraordinary visible results on the day of treatment : highly texturized, shiny and soft hair.

Aura is an exclusive and safe in salon treatment, it doesn’t provide fumes or smells or cause unwanted itching. Aura is dermatologically tested, and is not tested on animals with its vegan and paraben free formula.


How Does it Work?

Aura is formulated with a premium complex of hyaluronic acid. Its obtained via a high performance biotechnological method using natural and renewable resources as a pure solvent biological origin… meaning that it’s safe and 100% environmentally respectful and free of raw materials derived from animals. 

When applying this essential hyaluronic acid to the hair, the treatment offers intense reduction of waves, curls, and extraordinary straightening with an anti-frizz action for all hair types. 

The treatment is then activated when heat is applied with a flat iron at a certain temperature (according to your hair type ) and temporary changes the structure of the hair as it weakens the covalent bonds of hydrogen in the keratin fibres of the hair. The product DOES NOT act on the structural bonds of disulfide, which means that the effect is temporary, lasting approximately  4 – 6 months.

This is how the hair is straightened and, at the same time, frizz is reduced and controlled. The overall effect increases shine, created a smooth frizz free manageable canvas of hair and prevents external partials from getting trapped in the hair by creating an anti-pollution barrier.


Aura is the key to achieving more manageable hair, faster and easier drying time. The results lasts 4 – 6 months with some lasting longer when following the correct maintenance guidelines. 

We charge by the hour, and the cost will differ according to your hair length and density. The in salon treatment can take up to approximately 2 hours, which includes a recommended travel size products for your homecare.

For more information regarding homecare click here for aftercare, tips and recommendations for any smoothing keratin treatment.  

Services We Offer..

The signature smoothing / straightening treatment. 

Ideal for : For any hair type (natural or coloured) that struggles with frizz manageability. Wants to minimise curl texture.

Time in Salon : Approximately 2 hours, 3 and half hours for longer thinker hair types.

Cost : We charge by the hour for this service, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Its $170 per hour and includes recommended travel size homecare.

Results : Straight, flexible,  super easy-to-comb and style hair with natural movement. Lasts approximately 4-6 months. 

Express straightening treatment in one hour.

Ideal for : For any hair type (natural or coloured) that wishes to minimise the amount of frizz, slightly relax the curl texture but maintain volume.

Time in Salon : One hour

Cost : Its a flat rate of $170 per express service, and top up service for $95

Results : Amazing soft, frizz -free hair, with volume control and reduced curl. Lasts approximately 2-3 months. You can have this service included in any other service and top up every 6 weeks.


Anti-frizz and hydrating flash treatment.

Ideal for : Wavy or Straight hair that wants that 4-6 weeks worth, or holiday hair, of easy to maintain styling on their natural frizzy and curly hair.

Time in the Salon : 45 minutes with a wash styles blowdry

Cost : $45 for stand alone treatment. Additional $75 – $100 for a wash and styles blowdry.

Results : An experience of sublime softness, silkiness and texture. Great for that upcoming event or holiday destination. Lasts approximately 5-6 washes.


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